Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin trading Binary Options, it is understandable you may have many questions. In this section we have compiled a list of the most common questions we get frequently asked. The questions here are related to the rules, platforms and general terms and conditions of the Binary Options brokers we recommend at Trading Binary. We have also included a little bit of advice on how to gain experience trading Binary Options without any risk to your own money, however, if you would like more in-depth instructions on how to trade, then we have compiled a very helpful step- by-step guide that can be found on the home page.

1. Are there age requirements to trade Binary Options?

In order to comply with laws, individuals who wish to trade Binary Options are required to be a minimum of 18 years old.

2. Are the trading platforms difficult to use?

Each broker’s platform is different. Some brokers offer a very basic trading platforms to cater for beginners, however for the more experienced traders there are some more complex trading platforms that offer a more in-depth experience of trading Binary Options.

3. Should I use a demo account?

If you have no prior experience of trading Binary Options, it is advised that you open an account with one of our recommended brokers that offer demo accounts to give you an introduction of how Binary Options works, thus allowing you to make beginner trader mistakes with no financial risk. Moreover, it is advised you use a demo account on all of the brokers to ensure you find the trading platform you feel more comfortable using.

4. When do I get my promotional bonus?

This differs with each Binary Options broker, however the promotional bonus is usually added to you account instantly when you make your initial deposit. It is advised you check each broker’s terms and conditions to find out exactly when the promotional bonus will be added.

5. How long does it take for my broker to transfer funds to my account?

Again, this varies from broker to broker. Ordinarily, funds will take 24-48 to appear in you account. All of the brokers that we recommend are relatively quick. Be aware that some brokers we don’t recommend can take a lot longer, so it is advised to stick with brokers that have been approved by Trading Binary.

6. How many trades can I place at one time?

All of the brokers we offer here at Trading Binary have no restrictions on how many trades you have placed. It isn’t uncommon for traders to have several trades in play at the same time. The amount of trades you have placed at the one time is entirely up to you.

7. What banking options are accepted?

All of the brokers recommended here on Trading Binary accept the major credit and debit cards. Most of the brokers accept other methods of banking such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.